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Steering Solutions

The right solution for your needs
Leica Geosystems offers a wide range of auto-steer options that work with the line of mojo products. Depending on which auto-steer product you have purchased, we offer SteerDirect hydraulic systems, CAN-connection steering options that communicate directly with your tractors CAN system, Steer-Ready Kits (SRK) which provide a convenient retro-fit electro-hydraulic solution, and the Leica QuickSteer assisted steering motor.
Select the right product for your needs:
Leica SteerDirect ES Plus
The Leica SteerDirect ES Plus provides the aftermarket with a retro fit solution which is ergonomic in design and transferrable from vehicle to vehicle – regardless the brand. Easily installed it steers the majority of tractor, sprayer and harvester models without having to remove the steering wheel.  more
Leica SteerDirect Hydraulics
The Leica SteerDirect Hydraulic system is a compact integrated solution that connects the Leica guidance solution to the vehicle’s steering system via a single-bracket hydraulic kit for high-end steering. This unique hydraulic solution is strategically designed with a number of cost-saving features, including a single bracket and a simplified design that requires fewer components and streamlines the installation process to save time and money.  more
Leica SteerDirect CAN
Leica’s SteerDirect CAN solutions connect the Leica guidance solutions directly to your tractor’s CANbus, creating a simple and accurate steering option that’s both affordable and easy to install. Plus, when you connect directly to the CANbus (Controller Area Network) on your tractor, the guidance device communicates directly with existing controllers, valves and sensors already on your tractor. This makes the SteerDirect CAN solution a very affordable and safe steering option.  more
Leica SteerDirect SRK
Leica Geosystem’s SteerDirect SRK (steer-ready kit) is ideal for retrofitting tractors with existing electro-hydraulic components. The robust, weather-proof controller translates CAN messages from the Leica guidance solution into electrical signals to drive the equipment via electro-hydraulic components and sensors.  more