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Topographic Site Surveys
Laser scanning (HDS) is a cost-effective means of performing topographic surveys. By capturing detailed site information, revisits are minimized and project accuracy is maximized. Scanning is also unobtrusive to ongoing activities at the site.
Scanning Beyond Retrofit Design
MegChem Engineering & Drafting Services (Pty) Ltd, South Africa, is a multi-discipline engineering company serving a diverse client base in the oil, gas, power generation, and energy related industries. The company, founded in 1995, is ISO 9001-certified and has more than 300 employees. They also have a Leica HDS6100 scanner, Cyclone, and CloudWorx software as part of their engineering services toolkit. more
Accurate GNSS Everywhere with SmartNet
Ten years ago, RTK surveys typically involved two GPS receivers (a base and a rover), a lot of batteries and cables, two radios, a tripod, a pole, and a backpack to carry it all. Today users can choose between a GPS or a GNSS receiver, and a radio or a mobile phone, and it all fits on the pole. With the establishment of RTK networks, they can also choose to work with an RTK rover within these networks instead of setting up their own base-station. Leica Geosystems SmartNet gives users easy access to precise Network RTK data, where they experience the best availability, reliability, and traceability using internationally recognized standards, combined with flexible and affordable subscription options that meet the needs of the local market. more
Topographic Site Survey
This particular project had a demanding schedule for providing final deliverables to the client. The company also faced a challenge in the office, as only one person was experienced at processing the scan data and he did not have the bandwidth alone to process all of the scan data in the time available. In order to address this challenge, Glahe decided to try new Cyclone II TOPO software with a new CAD Tech. The approach worked well - the CAD tech was able to learn Cyclone II TOPO in just one hour and become immediately productive. more