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Leica TS12P

Performance Robotic Total Station
The Leica TS12P is equipped by default with the proven and tested SmartWorx - a complete on-board package of standard application software. Optionally the Leica CS15 3.5G field controller running SmartWorx Viva can be ordered and used for Robotic Surveying with a Leica TS12P.
 Best-in-class Search-Lock-Measure

Leica TS12P uses years of experience to optimally find, lock and measure to prisms with a single key press. With the unique PowerSearch sensor any prism type is found within seconds regardless of location.

Your benefit – the fastest robotic total station in its class.


 Best-in-class Leica Original Accessories

Original Leica Geosystems Accessories guarantee seamless operation and maximum performance, as all accessories have been meticulously designed for the instrument.

Your benefit – trusted results today and tomorrow.

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