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Leica MobileMatriX

Logging of survey data
Proofing the fieldwork requires nowadays an intelligent system that allows the storage of measurements, computations and defined limits.
Finally a detailed report has to be produced from the stored data. Furthermore, a view to the future of data collectors shows that RTK GPS and Total Station data collection will be directly stored in your GIS environment!

The integration of surveying information has never been so easy. The advanced architecture of LEICA MobileMatriX software and its components makes working with GPS RTK and conventional instrument (Total Station) data simple and effective.


Improvement of workflows and productivity:

  • Direct control of all your survey instruments - GPS and (Robotic) TPS.
  • Storage of all survey measurements, points and computations in the same database as your feature data.
  • Directly modify your GIS and CAD data in the field – all data is immediately available for any survey work and can be simply transferred to your office software solution.