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Leica IPAS20

Inertial Position & Attitude System
Leica Geosystems has been a pioneer in integrating direct IMU georeferencing systems into airborne sensors. The Leica IPAS20 standalone system delivers direct georeferencing for a wide range of airborne sensors such as imaging, LIDAR, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), thermal and multispectral systems. IPAS20 is equipped with the latest GPS/GLONASS technology and a plug and play IMU interface.
Best Georeference
  • Provides a significant reduction in the production time and cost of airborne sensor data allowing efficient and automatic data processing
  • Increases productivity of geospatial data collection and processing allowing fast turnaround of mapping projects
  • Eliminates the need for aerial triangulation (AT) for a wide range of photogrammetric mapping projects, especially in areas where it is difficult to access or perform an AT
  • Reduces the need for ground control and facilitates data QA/QC
  • Provides reliable and accurate results, plus better use of flying conditions, for more productivity and shorter field operations time

Any System

  • Film frame cameras like RC30, RC20
  • Digital frame cameras
  • Line scanners
  • LIDAR sensors
  • SAR
  • Any other airborne sensor


  • Greatest flexibility and support to perform many project types all over the world
  • Accommodates several IMU types providing performance, cost and exportability options

Leica IPAS20 Features

Delivers direct georeferencing for airborne sensor data

  • Calculates - in real time - position, velocity, roll, pitch and heading at high data rates and accuracies
  • The high-accuracy, real-time attitude improves the real-time application performance when used as input for gyro-stabilized mounts

Flexible and scalable airborne system

  • Flexible interfaces support various sensor types, as well as multi-sensor systems with up to four sensors
  • Choice of different Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)
  • Latest GNSS technology including GLONASS
  • IPAS20 can grow with technology and your future needs for system compatibility, upgrade, replacement and improved technology 

Highly automated operation and simplified data logging

  • Automatic sensor release according to trigger configuration
  • Sensor release according to the flight plan when FCMS controlled
  • Simplified logging of GNSS/IMU data and events to internal memory and CF cards and/or to an external device via Ethernet

Perfect data interfaces between all workflow tasks

  • Streamlined data interface from flight planning to flight evaluation

Powerful IPAS post-processing software

  • IPAS Pro software blends IMU data with GNSS trajectory to provide robust, post-mission solutions
  • IPAS CO is Camera Orientation software providing the exterior orientation for the camera frames using the IPAS Pro solution

High-quality hardware

  • Reliable, high-quality hardware conforming to ISO 7137, RTCA DO-160F, EUROCAE-14E and FAR§23.561

Global service and support

  • Worldwide support network provides professional service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

Upgrade Options

  • Upgrade from Leica ASCOT to IPAS20 with FCMS GNSS-only
  • Upgrade from ASCOT to IPAS20 with direct georeferencing
  • Upgrade from Applanix POS AV4 to IPAS20


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