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Leica CrossCheck

A service for reference network integrity monitoring
Leica CrossCheck is a web based service for GPS/GNSS reference network coordinate calculation, integrity monitoring and deformation monitoring. Highly trained specialists at Leica Geosystems process your GNSS data using the latest geodetic software and algorithms to provide high accuracy estimates of the site coordinates and movements.
Network reference station operators can ensure they always have the highest quality coordinates for their network and can access information on the stability of their reference stations via the Internet. 
Two types of service are offered:
  • Single Computation Service
  • Monitoring Service

In both services, engineers from Leica Geosystems use the Bernese GPS Software v5.0 (or later) to process your data.  The processing strategy is optimized to provide highest possible accuracy.

Single Computation Service
The Single Computation Service enables you to obtain high accuracy coordinates for your reference station network without the need to invest in specialist GNSS processing expertise, software or IT infrastructure. The site coordinates are computed in your chosen datum. A PDF report with site coordinates and accuracies is provided to you via email.

Monitoring Service
The Monitoring Service provides for detection and warning of antenna movements in near real time for networks of GNSS reference stations. The solution is tailored to the needs of your network, including the processing interval, processing strategy, coordinate datum, limit checks and content of the secure online web service. An email messaging service is offered to provide warning when a significant movement occurs.

See www.crosscheck.leica-geosystems.com for more information.

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