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Leica CloudWorx for SmartPlant® Review

Leica CloudWorx for Intergraph SmartPlant® Review
Leica CloudWorx for SmartPlant® Review is a powerful, versatile solution for using laser scan data directly within Intergraph SmartPlant® Review.
CloudWorx for SmartPlant® Review is the first-of-its-kind point cloud solution to provide Intergraph customers the convenience and added value of working with rich, as-built laser scan data for better overall designs directly within Intergraph SmartPlant Review.

Product Information

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High-Definition Surveyingoffers the most accurate, complete, cost effective way to collect as-built information for existing facilities or structures.  All geometric intricacies and complexities are captured and referenced to the plant coordinate system for use in the convenience of the office.  Facilities are captured in their actual non-plumb or distorted state: from incidental rod hangers, conduits and small-bore piping to important structural framing, equipment, and large bore piping. While Intergraph users have enjoyed the capability to work directly with rich laser scan data within PDS for years using MicroStation-based CloudWorx solutions, Leica CloudWorx for Intergraph SmartPlant Review now extends this powerful capability into Intergraph’s next generation review platform.

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