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Leica AR25

Leica AR25 4 Constellation GNSS Antenna
Revolutionary 3D choke ring that sets new standards in low elevation tracking and multipath reduction.
With emerging satellite systems closely on the horizon, in the form of the European Galileo System and the Chinese Compass (Beidou) System, a new high performance antenna is needed to encompass all Global Navigation Satellite Systems, and further support the Leica Geosystems "future proof" philosophy.

The new AR25 has been designed for all existing and currently planned signals of the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass systems.

Revolutionary Design
The Leica AR25 brings choke ring design to a new level to enhance the key benefits of the choke ring antenna. Moving away from the traditional 2D choke ring design, the innovative 3D choke ring sets a new standard, whilst building on the strong traditions of the previous design. The AR25 uses a new ultra-wideband Dorne-Margolin element. The Dorne-Margolin antenna element design has become the industry standard for high accuracy and performance. Antenna gain has been optimised to allow use with most manufacturers geodetic receivers.

New standard
Choke ring antennas are known for their superior multipath rejection compared to other types of geodetic antennas. The Leica AR25 maintains superior levels of multipath rejection and tracking expected from a choke ring antenna, whilst setting new standards in low elevation tracking compared to traditional 2D choke ring design. Enhances in atmospheric studies and network RTK modelling demand high performance antennas that can track satellites as soon as they are visible, down to the horizon and even below. Designed for a variety of applications, including reference stations, monitoring, seismic studies, scientific and atmospheric studies, the AR25 is a robust high performance antenna, built to last.

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