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Intelligent Dozer

Earth moving made easy task by intelligent dozer
(Reporter 48, Jan 2003) Moving earth is a fact of life in mining and construction – a painstaking and time-consuming task. Leica Geosystems, in partnership with Tritronics (Australia) Pty Ltd and assisted by their Australian Distributor, C.R. Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd, however, have developed just the solution – the Leica DOZER 2000T. Without even stepping out of the office, the mining engineer and surveyor have direct radio contact with the machine operator who is working with the bulldozer. Digital Terrain Models (DTM) are relayed directly to the machine, guiding and verifying earth grading by real time GPS and completing this task more efficiently, in less time, and with considerable savings across the entire project.



Leica Dozer 2000
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