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GOMACO Fine Grade Trimmer 3D System

3D Grade, Slope and Steer Control for GOMACO Trimmers
The world's first 3D Machine Control System for GOMACO fine-grade Trimmers.
PaveSmart 3D (LMGS-S) interfaces seamlessly with GOMACO 9500 series fine-grade trimmers, designed for use on:
  • Highway construction
  • Railway construction (high-speed trackbeds)
  • Airport taxiways, runways, hardstandings, etc.
System Concept

Conventionally, fine-grade trimmers are controlled for elevation and steering by one or more stringlines. But stringlines

  • are expensive, time-consuming and error-prone to install, 
    (US$1.50 per pin, or > US$500 per mile plus the surveyor costs)
  • are easily damaged during paving (a significant site safety hazard) and easily misaligned
  • interfere with jobsite logistics
  • greatly increase pre-production planning & surveyors workload
  • increase trimmed material removal time and haulage costs.

With Leica Geosystems' unique PaveSmart 3D control system, the trimmer's elevation and steer is controlled without stringlines. Starting from the project data, the machine's position is measured by a Total station or a GNSS receiver and transmitted to the onboard Leica Machine Computer (MPC). A precision machine-mounted slope sensor regulates mainfall and cross-slope.
Leica PaveSmart 3D transmits corrections to the GOMACO G21 or G22 onboard control system, which regulates the hydraulics, in a similar way to controlling with conventional sensors – very little retraining is needed for your crew to work with 3D.  Depending on project conditions, the machine is maintained to design grade within an accuracy of up to ±3mm in elevation, ±10mm in steer (with TPS).

Benefits of Leica PaveSmart 3D:

  • With the machine under fully automatic control, the operator can concentrate fully on the production process.
  • Trim anywhere, at any time of day or night - no waiting on stringline crews
  • Better operational safety and reliability result in greater trimming speed and productivity.
  • Major cost savings - no installation and maintenance of control strings required
  • High-precision trimming (+/- 3mm in height and +/- 10mm in position)
  • Project data from almost any CAD system
  • Continuous trimming if multiple total stations are used
  • Existing GOMACO trimmers can be upgraded or "retro-fitted" to run with PaveSmart 3D (requires GOMACO G21 controller)
  • The result of 10 years knowledge and experience from the world’s first provider of 3D stringless concrete and asphalt paving, trimming and milling technology

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