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Challenge of Assembling Airbus A380

Complete industrial laser-based assembly process
The project for the assembly of the A380 was begun in 1998. Numerous new challenges had to be mastered: the extraordinary size of individual segments, the oval shape of the aircraft itself (round on other aircraft), double-decker fuselage, and so on. Besides, the tools used for the A340 had to be carried over.
The basic concept behind the new assembly method was to inspect the aircraft directly, that is, to inspect its individual segments in relation to one another rather than to use the tools as a reference system, avoiding the whole issue of compounding tolerances. The second task was to find a solution for assembling complex interfaces (i.e. the oval shape of the fuselage and the double-decker aircraft layout). The concept of assembly based on laser-based measurements was selected by the executives in charge of the A380 program.