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A380 production relies on Leica T-Probe

Leica T-Probe redefines manufacturing at Airbus
It hardly needs saying that measurement inaccuracies during aircraft construction can have enormous negative consequences. That is why the issues of quality assurance and measurement technology assume such paramount importance in the fields of aviation and space travel.
And that is also why Airbus uses no fewer than seven Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers in its Bremen factory. By using the tracker in combination with the new T-Probe, the Bremen-based team has been able to achieve considerable savings in terms of both cost and time. The revolutionary hand-held Leica T-Probe enables inspection of hidden points and probing in areas unreachable by traditional probing solutions.
Airbus Engineering and Manufacturing are centrally managed, but rely on fully integrated cross-functional and trans-national team working practices, which bring together the capabilities and technical knowledge of 16 different locations in Germany, France, Spain and Great Britain. Every location produces complete aircraft sections, which are subsequently transported for final assembly purposes to Toulouse or Hamburg respectively. In addition to individual components for the German parts of the aircraft, team members at the Bremen factory produce all the necessary landing flaps for Airbus in the structural assembly process. They also prepare the wing assemblies for the A330 and A340 aircraft types. These are very demanding tasks, which demand extremely high levels of precision. To ensure these levels are attained in practice, the Bremen team employs seven Laser Trackers from Leica Geosystems.