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  Moving London safely forward
  Safety on the High Seas
  The Shard: London's New Skyline
  Cochem Tunnel: A Tight Fit
  Yesterday’s Negligence Becomes Today’s Problem
  Structural Monitoring of Michigan’s Highway Bridges
  Real Time Bridge Deck Guidance Using GNSS Systems, Spain
  GNSS Guide System for Pile Embedding Port of Cádiz, Spain
  Railway Bridge Monitoring Kirchtobel, Switzerland
  Monitoring a dam wall in a Polish Copper Ore Enrichment Facility, Poland
  Monitoring of Excavation Slopes in an Open Pit Mine
  Monitoring Along the Construction Site of the Warsaw Metro Line 2
  Monitoring Bridge Structures Under Static Loads
  Monitoring System for Hong Kong Airport Express Line
  Monitoring Rail Tracks during Construction of Noise Barriers, Hong Kong
  Monitoring System at Tsuen Wan West Station, MTR West Rail Line
  Monitoring of the Central-Wanchai Bypass During Construction
  Slope Monitoring at Adaro Tutupan Coal Mine, Indonesia
  Concrete Dam Monitoring in Montereale Valcellina, Italy
  Chemical Plant Monitoring
  Rail Tunnel Monitoring in Sochi, Russia
  Heavy Loads on Weak Foundations
  Controlling The Bow
  Monitoring Europe’s Tallest Building
  Swiss Bridge, Visible World-wide
  Monitoring Toronto’s Union Station
  Accurate GNSS Everywhere with SmartNet
  A New Network for a Town Torn in Two
  Automated Deformation Monitoring Apollo Bridge, Bratislava, Slovakia
  Slope Stability Monitoring Brown Coal Excavation, Czech Republic
  Gateway to Korea
  Tunneldrive Scanning with Leica HDS6000
  57 km long and in the right Place
  A City on the Move
  Volume computation, Bonfol special waste
  Track Monitoring Traunstein, Germany
  Real Time GNSS Bridge Monitoring
  Monitoring of Rail Tracks and Construction Site
  Monitoring of Dikes with 3D Laser Scanning
  First Monitoring Project in Slovenia
  Owen Street Level Crossing, Tipton
  Urban Excavation
  Rail bridge reconstruction
  Burj Dubai
  Al Hamra Tower
  Hong Kong Airport Express Line
  Jiangyin Bridge, China
  Slope Stability Monitoring, Navachab, Namibia
  Slope Stability Monitoring, Orapa Mine, Botswana
  Excavation Monitoring Ennetbaden, Switzerland
  High Speed Railway Construction, Bologna, Italy
  Slope Stability Monitoring, Jwaneng, Botswana
  Motorway Surface Monitoring, Northamptonshire, UK
  Ski Lift Monitoring, Zermatt, Switzerland
  Rail Monitoring, East London, UK
  Bridge Jacking East London
  Railway Monitoring Sheung Shui Station, Hong Kong
  Control of convergences in M-111 tunnels, Spain
  Dam Monitoring in Carbonia, Italy
  Rock Stability Monitoring, Interlaken, Switzerland
  Monitoring Land Forms in the Swiss Alps
 Natural Phenomenons

A City on the Move

Reporter 59
High above the streets of Manhattan there is a new form of public servant dedicated to serving and protecting the people, property and assets of New York City. This servant works 24/7, never asks for a raise and never takes a break. Its main purpose is to continuously measure and monitor any movement of buildings and structures that might take place while heavy construction continues around the clock throughout the city that never sleeps.



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