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Reporter No. 49, December 2003.
World-record-breaking bridge +++ Italy: Leica Geosystems in the universe of mobile telephony +++ Production soars following implementation of GPS in Map revision +++ Laser scanning makes quick job of rail survey +++ WorldSkills Gold Medal +++ LandArte: Giant Art in Switzerland’s Rhine Valley
Highlights of current issue are:
  • World-record-breaking 343m-high bridge
    The highway bridge currently being constructed over the Tarn River in Southern France will be 19 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower. The deck of this world’s tallest bridge, which is under construction one hundred kilometers north of Montpellier, will span the Tarn River valley at a height of 270m.
  • Italy: Leica Geosystems in the universe of mobile telephony
    A new partnership between Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) and Leica Geosystems Italia means that a national GPS network now exists throughout Italy, able to support professional GPS users with precision positioning for various applications and in numerous market segments. As well as providing a DGPS differential correction over a mobile telephone network, TIM's network is used to optimise the use of its antennas and is able to monitor the network for radio frequency leakages, supporting scientific documentation regarding the extent and disposition radio frequency electromagnetic fields – an important issue with health and environmental implications.
  • Production soars following implementation of GPS in Map revision
    A massive 42% in productivity gains has been measured by Great Britain’s national mapping agency, Ordnance Survey, following the implementation of Leica GPS surveying systems to undertake their most detailed mapping. GPS was introduced to the field from January 2002 and allowed all Ordnance Survey surveyors to update map data on the spot.
  • Laser scanning makes quick job of rail survey
    The use of innovative 3D laser scanning technology from Leica Geosystems meant Australian surveying company North Surveys were able to complete the survey of rail network in record time and with an extremely high level of accuracy.
  • WorldSkills Gold Medal with Leica NA 720 automatic level
    Every two years, the best young vocational professionals in the world meet up for the WorldSkills Competition. In 2003 this was held in St. Gallen, Switzerland and previously in Montreal and Seoul.
  • Fast Orienteering World Championships with 3D visualization
    The 2003 World Orienteering Championships held this August in Switzerland marked a milestone in technological history. For the first time ever, the winning routes were able to be visualized in near real-time with Erdas IMAGINE® VirtualGIS software from Leica Geosystems.
  • LandArte: Giant Art in Switzerland’s Rhine Valley
    In Ancient Greece, the concepts of art and technology were not yet separated. The term “tekhnae” stood for technology, art, crafts and handiwork. On another continent, and long before our epoch, a completely different culture, the Nazcas, laid down huge lines in the Peruvian highlands, the true extent of which is only revealed from the air. In present time, the year 2003 was the bicentennial anniversary of canton of St. Gallen – which includes the Alpine Rhine Valley where Leica Geosystems’ Swiss headquarters are located. This was the setting for 13 gigantic crop images, which sprouted and changed their appearance with the course of growth: LandArte.

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